Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Mexico Mapped out

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I am learning how to use the Google eath software better.
Here is the CDT as it goes through New Mexico. According to the files i downloaded at This amazing web site.
I have placed Pins at our re supply locations.

These will either be places we stop to buy new food or pick up a premailed package full of wholesome goodies.

You'll probably notice that we don't plan to start our hike at the Mexican Boarder this is for many reasons. One reason being, we don't want to contact border patrol to request permission to walk from the actual boarder, and it is kind of dangerous to walk around there because of the current political standings the new beefy border line.
The other main reason we are starting a few hundred miles north of the boarder is water, we don't have desert experience, we might get too thirsty, so starting further north we will be near more water and not so surrounded in desert.

yeah so please enjoy if you have Google earth and want to download the kmz file from me drop a comment and ill send it out.

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